Monday, March 5, 2018

Never should I have come back from vacation to face the illustrated news

Reasons of gun violence
One truth might set us free - or not!

Oh, man. I take a short vacation and look at all the $!lly $h!t that happens. But it was all so predictable. In the weekly toons, AZBlueMeanie leads with the simple reason for our epidemic of gun violence. All the other reasons touted by the gunnies are cover for America’s abysmal acceptance of a trade-off of our children’s lives for free access to assault rifles. Shame on all of us.

Well, on with it. Trump proposes arming teachers. Even better, will the NRA propose arming all students? Seems like they would be in favor even if the students are not. Trump promises to be first to head into the schools to protect our young. Especially if he gets to go into the girls’ locker room? The corruption conniption at the White House continues. Trump might have to fire Kushner. But would he balance the scales of justice by firing Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller? Trump will never sign a DACA protection bill, it seems. But will he pull Melania’s “Einstein” visa as well? Putin promises to interfere in the 2018 election. But do you expect our government to do anything to defend our democracy from that threat? All this and more is in the Mournday Mourning illustrated news.

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