Monday, March 19, 2018

Trump fires McCabe. Does Trump get McCabe's pension? That and more illustrated news.

Trump misses backchannel
You mean the one between Alfa Bank and Trump Tower?

Never ask a question if you don’t want the answer. In case you’ve forgotten it, I posted quite a bit on the backchannel.

Other good stuff in the Mournday Mourning illustrated news: Trump goes full bore ridiculous on the PA election abandoning Saccone and embracing Lamb. Is the NRA worried, finally, about the kids out to protect themselves from NRA policies? Andrew McCabe fired by non-recusionist (made up that word) AG Sessions. Tillerson fired by tweet. McCabe issues long rebuttal, Tillerson not so much. You thought McCabe was fired because of Russia probe? Naw. That was Trump in a snit waiting until 48 hours before McCabe’s pension kicks in. No class that. Speaking of no class - Stormy Daniels was heard channeling Marilyn Monroe in singing “Happy lawsuit, Mr. President …”

Help wanted
Help wanted - Trump uses McCabe as an example of
White House employment benefits

The illustrated news is courtesy of AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona. Speaking of Stormy, in another post the Blue Meanie writes:

Going to head over to Stormy Daniels crowdsourced legal fund now and donate 100 clams.

Trump has gotten away with criminal behavior for years because he has the resources to hire lawyers. Time to fight back against him and his kind.

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