Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Candidate FYI - Superintendent of Public Instruction

On the Democratic side, there are two progressive candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction: David Schapira, a Progressive Candidate For Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, and Kathy Hoffman: A Progressive Candidate for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction. Both posts by David Gordon appeared in Blog for Arizona. Gordon provides a lot of detail about their positions on educational issues.

Schapira is scheduled to speak at the May 19th meeting of the Quail Creek Dems, 3:00 PM in the Quail Creek Kino Center.

Here is part of Gordon’s evaluation. Schapira is a “former Senate Democratic Leader and current Tempe City Council Member”.

Schapira sports an impressive resume of public service that has prepared him to run for the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction. As a public school high school instructor, a professor at Arizona State University, and administrator at the East Valley Institute of Technology, Schapira has totally familiarized himself with both the academic and non-academic spheres of school operations.

As a public office holder, Schapira is well-versed in the mechanics of both the local and state planning and administering of public policy. In our discussion (and on his website), Schapira relayed that the achievement he takes the most pride in and would like to see as a model for the state: the “Tempe Pre” initiative he created as a councilmember in Tempe, which provides 360 low-income children access to free, high-quality preschool.

In the Scribers’ academic experience, there is little correlation between the skill set that makes an effective classroom teacher and the skill set that makes for an effective administrator who deals with those who fund our public education system. Schapira is stands out for us because of the latter.

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