Wednesday, April 25, 2018

CD8 results - GOPlins claim 5.2% victory, Dems see it as a 15% defeat for Trump

Debbie Does Donald. Or perhaps it is Donald Does Debbie.

Donald J. Trump
Arizona, please get out today and vote @DebbieLesko for Congress in #AZ08. Strong on Border, Immigration and Crime. Great on the Military. Time is ticking down - get out and VOTE today. We need Debbie in Congress!
11:02 AM - Apr 24, 2018

That did not save his 2016 margin. In fact, it seems that Trump support may have helped the Democratic challenger.

Here are the Arizona Special Election Results: Eighth House District from the NY Times.

Debbie Lesko Republican 91,390 52.6%
Hiral Tipirneni Democrat 82,318 47.4%
173,708 votes, 100% reporting (143 of 143 precincts)

Observe the point spread: 5.2%.

Tuesday’s special election in Arizona’s Eighth Congressional District, in the conservative suburbs outside Phoenix, revealed the depth of Republicans’ political challenges in 2018. Ms. Lesko was favored to win over Hiral Tipirneni, a Democrat and emergency room doctor, in a district that supported Donald J. Trump in 2016 by more than 20 points.

Even so, national Republicans spent more than $1 million to help Ms. Lesko. With an outcome this close in a district that should have Republicans winning big, it is another sign of Democratic enthusiasm, organizational muscle and determination to send a message about President Trump and his party.

In CD8 the ratio of Republican voter registration to Democratic voter registration is about 1.70. In the election results, the ratio of votes cast shrunk to 1.11.

More: the Times report includes a stunning graphic, Shift from 2016 Presidential Election. Each precinct, without exception, shifted blue.

No matter what, Debbie Does DC. And once there, it will be Debbie Does DeVos. The latter prediction is certain given Lesko’s role as Queen of the Voucher Vultures.

We have another shot at this. Remember in November.

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