Tuesday, April 24, 2018

James Comey on Trump's emptiness and hunger for affirmation

Do a google search for “narcissist trump” and you’ll find lots of opinion about Donald Trump’s personality. Some would (and have) called it a personality disorder. But recently I came across a lay analysis that I think is most apt of all in an interview by New Yorker editor David Remnick with former FBI director James Comey, JAMES COMEY ON HIS INFAMOUS DINNER WITH TRUMP. David Remnick speaks with James Comey about the “emptiness” of Donald Trump and whether the President is fit for office.

Following is an excerpt from the New Yorker transcript. The time markers are from the video and Comey’s answers are highlighted in italics.

01:56 Now, you said earlier today in an interview
01:58 that you don’t hate the President.
02:00 You don’t even dislike him.
02:03 I’ll let that pitch go by.
02:04 (laughing)
02:05 You know it’s funny, my wife asked me the same question
02:07 after she saw the interview.
02:08 And the answer is I dislike many of things he does.
02:15 Him as a person I actually, this is gonna sound odd,
02:17 I actually kind of feel sorry for.
02:19 How so?
02:20 I think, I’ve said this before, it’s a hard thing to say,
02:24 but I think he has an emptiness inside of him
02:27 and a hunger for affirmation I’ve never seen in an adult.
02:30 (laughing)
02:31 And I’m not saying that to be funny.
02:33 I think that he lacks external reference points,
02:37 and instead of calling, making hard decisions
02:40 by calling upon a religious tradition or logic
02:42 or tradition or history, it’s all what will fill this hole.
02:47 You think something’s missing?
02:48 Something is missing in his life that has created
02:51 this orientation that I’ve never,
02:52 I meant when I said I’ve not seen in an adult before.

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