Saturday, April 7, 2018

North Dakota, an often overlooked border state, ready to mobilize

The Daily Star carried this AP story: Trump troop request creates opening for governors to say no. Snippets follow.

Trump said Thursday he wants to send 2,000 to 4,000 Guard members to the border to help federal officials fight illegal immigration and drug trafficking. …

… three of the border states with Republican governors have endorsed the plan, and two, Arizona and Texas, quickly announced troop deployments. The governor of New Mexico is the other supporter.

The Democratic governor of the fourth border state, California, has been silent on the issue.

It’s unclear if Trump will ask for troops from states other than those along the border.

Mary-Sarah Kinner, spokeswoman for Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, also a Republican, said in an email that he does not believe the mission would be “an appropriate use” of the Nevada Guard.

Well, you could argue that Nevada, not being on the border, has a smaller stake in the game. But another border state governor sees it differently.

… North Dakota GOP Gov. Doug Burgum said his state would “answer the call,” just as it has in other times of need.

Some years ago, Doug and I served together on a committee conducting a search for a North Dakota (ND) university president, so I know that he is a fine fellow But I would advise him to keep the ND national guard troops in ND. You never can tell when a rash of illegal immigrants from Canada will flood our northern border.

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