Thursday, April 26, 2018

Phouls in Phoenix attack AZ teachers

AZ teachers are on strike with good reasons. One reason is recalcitrant Governor Doug Doozy whose not so hidden message on education funding is my way or the no way. Another reason is the Phouls in Phoenix (aka legislators) who have consistently directed public money away from education and into the pockets of corporate special interests.

See Linda Lyons’ post in this blog this morning, A perfect haboob. We are in the middle of a great dust storm eroding public education in our state. Linda makes the pitch for what I see as the only solution.

Ultimately, no matter what happens between now and our Primary election on August 26th, and the General on November 6th, Arizona’s voters will have the final say. My most sincere hope is that they will use that say to elect candidates at all levels, who understand education is an investment, not an expense. Candidates who understand that quality companies care about more than a tax credit, they want quality schools for their employee’s children, they want an educated workforce and they want modern, well-maintained infrastructure. Candidates who understand that they work for the people, ALL the people, not just those who are from the same party or support them with campaign contributions.

Arizona teachers will take a brave stand tomorrow, one that does not come without cost to them personally. The best thing we can do to support them, is to work to bring more parity to our Legislature, forcing all sides to be heard and all good ideas to be considered. To do this, we need only flip two seats in the AZ Senate and 5 seats in the House.

Arizonans understand we aren’t getting the results we want from our Governor and Legislature. We have the power to make positive change. Let’s hope we wield it wisely and forcefully.

If you need more reason for cleaning out the Phouls in Phoenix, check out AZBlueMeanie’s post this morning, AZ GOP response to #RedForEd ranges from ‘class warfare,’ to suing teachers, to McCarthyism. That’s why we can expect nothing from the AZ GOP. They are the ones who vote on their own constitutional failure.

(BTW a while back I defined phouls this way: a Phoul is variously defined as a foolish ghoul or a ghoulish fool. Either is correct. Phouls reside in Phoenix and dine on the flesh of our social institutions that serve the young, poor, and sick.)

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