Friday, April 6, 2018

Who gets interviews with Donald Trump?

NPR’s TheOneA reported on Who Gets Presidential Interviews.

Mark Knoller of CBS News is a noted counter and list-keeper among the White House Press Corps. We asked him how many TV interviews the president has given, and to whom he gave them. …

Fox News was the clear winner with 67.7%. The remainder was spread among national sources like NBC, CBS, and ABC. Not surprisingly, MSNBC was not among them.

Posted by “Doc” at NPR’s in response to their segment on the symbiosis between Donald Trump and Faux News:

Sincere apologies to Bobby Day and his “Rockin-Robin”
Twitter, twitter, tweet
Twitter, twitter, tweet
Tweet, tweet

He sits in the White House, all day long,
Firing and hiring, keeps getting it wrong.
All the little Aids in their White House suites,
Waiting to be fired with his very next tweet.

Tweetin’ POTUS,
Your staff’s on notice.
Tweet along Donald, your staff won’t sleep tonight

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