Monday, May 14, 2018

Is McSally Arizona's next McCain?

Oh, hell no!

I liked our Senator’s straight talk express in 2000, and I detested the Bushies for their slander of McCain in the South Carolina primary. I thought Sen. John made a huge mistake in naming that dim-wit Palin as running mate in 2008 but then forgave him most votes with which I disagreed when he did his thumbs down on the GOP health care bill. McCain is now on his way out of this life still a fierce independent and admired by many. McCain does not drink Covfefe. But Senate aspirant CD2 Rep. Martha McSally does.

There are many reasons to believe that McSally is totally wrong for Arizona. One is that her voting record is 97.2% Trump (according to Tracking Congress In The Age Of Trump, 538’s tally of votes in the US House). If she voted the way predicted by her current CD2 constituency, that number would be about 55%. Since I last reviewed McSally’s record for you, she has now moved up a notch from #12 to be the 11th most Trump-like in the US House.

In a long but truly excellent post at Blog for Arizona this morning, Martha McSally Exposed as the Worst Kind of Politician by JD Goode. Goode has the creds to do it. JD is an Iraq combat veteran, former Army officer and native Tucsonan. She has written for the New York Times, Arizona Republic, Task and Purpose, Stars and Stripes and many publications.

If you are like me when it comes to reading op-eds, you go to the last paragraph to get the author’s frame. Then flip back to read the whole thing in that context, looking evidence supporting the author’s conclusion. I’ll do that here starting with Goode’s question and moving on to her conclusion. I leave it to you to read the rest to understand better what led Goode to that end.

Is McSally Arizona’s Next John McCain: This is the part of the article where I refuse to insult John McCain, and I refuse to care if the reader doesn’t like that. I disagree with many of Sen McCain’s policy positions, but … McCain is a genuine American hero who literally sacrificed his entire physical body and soul for this nation – Arizona has been lucky to have him as our Senator and our nation will be less of a place when he leaves this Earth full stop.

Many have said that Martha McSally wants to be Arizona’s next John McCain and assume his position as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee. On paper, she certainly seems to have some of the qualities that would make that possible, but McSally is no John McCain. McSally, unlike McCain is literally unable to take a strong position on anything, she is vague, wishy-washy, a shell of a leader – a vessel for whatever the GOP wants to fill her with. Something John McCain never was and is not. Arizona has always had an independent streak, and Sen McCain has fulfilled this desire for western independence well – Congresswoman McSally has proven that she is unable to assume any political risk and will almost always tow the Republican line.

The Big Takeaway: McSally is the worst kind of politician, she is the kind of politician who thinks small -she is shortsighted and dogmatic in her ideology. During her years as a Congresswoman, McSally has failed to mature beyond “Merica” and the A–10 she flew in combat; I do not recall one instance in which McSally has stood in front of her Constituents as talked about big ideas, comforted the poor in her District, or calmed legitimate fears of her constituents – she doesn’t fly high, she shuffles along down in the weeds. McSally has not yet found the courage to speak her truth or help others speak their truth.

In many ways, McSally is a victim of the time she grew up in and the profession she chose – a time when demanding full equality was tricky. I get that – I absolutely do. But times have changed and young Arizonans (men and women) just do not accept this idea of compromise when it comes to equality – they are demanding it. Instead of obsessing over the A–10 fighter jet, perhaps she should sit down with the amazing young people of Arizona and try to understand that concept.

She sold her soul to sit in that cockpit, and then she sold her soul again when she became Trump’s biggest fan. Now she is running for the Senate seat in a state I love, filled with a diverse and beautiful people I love, near a dynamic Mexican border I love. She is running to lead Arizona teachers and children, who I love. She is running to form policy on the extraordinary desert environment and spiritual spaces, I love. She is running to lead all Arizonans into the 21st century, which is a little bit more complex than keeping the damn A–10 Warthog fighter jet. Arizona deserves more than a “One Trick Pony.” We deserve real independence, we deserve someone who truly loves this entire state, and ALL of its people, and ALL of its spaces, and ALL of its challenges, and ALL of its history, and ALL of its potential, and ALL of its future.

Now go read the rest of Goode’s post to reinforce your view, I hope, of why McSally is not fit to be a Congresswoman let alone Senator.

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