Tuesday, May 15, 2018

On the conversion of NRA 'A' to standout gun safety candidate

Blog for Arizona contributor Larry Bodine penned a post about how Ann Kirkpatrick Stands Out as Gun Safety Candidate in CD2 Race. Bodine celebrated her conversion from ardently pro NRA to now harvesting endorsements from groups promoting gun safety. I’m not going to rehearse the to-and-fro comments (now 28 of them) other than to point you to two of them.

Liza documented AK’s history of support for the NRA and gun rights. Bill Maki (and that would be me) followed up with this:

I am deeply suspicious of candidates who defended gun rights so fervently and now have flipped. What facts have changed in the last 5 years? Any candidate who shows a conversion from pro-NRA to pro-gun-safety should be required to answer a simple question. Why were you pro-gun/pro-NRA in the first place? Liza got it right in her first “leopardess” reply.

In which she said “So THIS is the LEOPARDESS who changed her spots?” and "Kirkpatrick was the only Congressional Democrat in Arizona to receive an “A” rating from the NRA in the last decade which she maintained through Fall 2012. [The Arizona Republic April 5, 2013. Final Chaser Edition. “Arizona’s Gun Divide.”]

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