Saturday, May 19, 2018

Who Pima Ds and Rs are liking these days

Find out what and who Arizona Republicans like. Larry Bodine (Blog for Arizona) reports on Pima County Republicans Cheer Kelli Ward, who Jeers McSally.

Republicans at this month’s Pima County GOP meeting gave rousing rounds of applause to tea party darling Kelli Ward, a primary candidate for US Senate, who gloated over her lead in recent polls, fawned over Ted Cruz and ripped into fellow Republicans Martha McSally and John McCain.

I can hear Kyrsten Sinema chortling about that one.

Earlier this month RepresentMeAZ sponsored a CD2 forum at Catalina High School. Bruce Wheeler and Billy Kovacs were the favorites, topping Matt Heinz, Mary Matiella, Yahya Yuksel, and Barbara Sherry. Who is missing from that list?

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