Friday, June 15, 2018

Canadian parliament and WH communications team dump Trump

When it rains it pours #1

The Daily Kos reported that the Canadian Parliament Votes Unanimously To Condemn Trump.

O, Canada!

These are fighting words from our neighbor to the north. This is a real headline. Something this insane would have been unthinkable, or hilarious, until very recently. Our staunchest and oldest ally has voted to condemn the clownish buffoon who occupies the Oval Office thanks to Vova Putin.

Canada’s House of Commons on Monday unanimously condemned President Trumpand his aides on for attacks targeting the country’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Lawmakers approved a motion that rejected “disparaging ad hominem statements by U.S. officials which do a disservice to bilateral relations,” Reuters reported.

The symbolic move came after Peter Navarro, the White House National Trade Council director said there is a “special place in hell” for any leader who engages in bad faith diplomacy with Trump.

For some reason Navarro decided this wasn’t the best idea after all and apologized. I guess Canada is not accepting it! But hey, it looked good for Kim, right? As someone on Twitter said- “how stupid do you have to be to piss off Canada?”

When it rains it pours #2

Mark Sumner at Daily Kos reports that Trump’s communication team dissolves as Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Raj Shah plan to leave.

[CBS News is reporting][cba] that Press secretary [Sarah Suckabee Handers] and principal deputy press secretary Raj Shah have both let it be known that they’re preparing to leave. Sanders expects to get out by the end of the year. Shah has not yet set a date.

The task of defending Donald Trump’s shifting statements and daily lies first fell to Sean Spicer. The podium was then attended by Anthony Scaramucci, whose term was so short he was gone before he officially began. Though it may seem as if Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been there for a decent slice of forever, she’s actually been on the job less than a year. She started at the end of July in 2017. Still, she’s outlasted Spicer, who made it only six months before leaving his home in the bushes to run for the exits.

In a sense, Sanders has excelled in the position—if that sense is demonstrating a willingness to aggressively bend reality to cover any error, reversal, or outright lie spread by Trump, and to join in attacking the media and firing off streams of deflections and unconnected statements whenever reporters attempt to press. Even when caught in a straightforward lie, or when forced to backtrack to cover up Trump’s shifting alibis, Sanders has charged on with a kind of bitter enthusiasm. Except when she hasn’t. Because this White House has often chosen to handle the daily press briefing by just not having one.

To replace Sanders, it appears that Trump has … no one. No one at all.

“Nobody wants to come in,” a source close to the administration said. “So they’ve gone through two rounds and now they’re at third tier of people who are just lucking out – battlefield promotion ends up promoting people who aren’t qualified for the position.”

Barack Obama had only three press secretaries in eight years. Trump will match that number in two. And probably brag about it.

Mrs. Scriber thinks that you need a special kind of person to stand there at press briefings and lie, lie, lie.

So do I. How about …

Mooch! Time for the comeback.

Maybe Colbert has the inside track on the Foochure of the Mooch. The NY Times reports in its evening briefing that ‘on “The Late Show,” Stephen Colbert welcomed an odd couple that we might be seeing more of in the future: Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Stormy Daniels, and Anthony Scaramucci, the short-lived White House communications director.’ The buzz is that they might be auditioning for a joint talk show.

And, on top of it all, …

When it rains it pours #3

New York has sued the Trump Foundation charging ‘vast lawbreaking’ and has sent referrals to the IRS and FEC for possible additional actions. See my other post today.

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