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Fitz barrs Roseanne while a delusional president meets a master spy

David Fitzsimmons in this Morning’s Daily Star tells us Why this jokester thinks Roseanne should be barred. Snippets follow.

I’ve written jokes for more than 30 years. I know jokes.

What Roseanne Barr tweeted was not a joke. When she blamed the tweet on Ambien — that was a joke. Hoo, boy, what a knee slapper!

Barr’s racist tweet made use of a common joke formula: Blank crossed with blank spawned the sap you’re roasting. Example: What do you get when you cross the Aryan Brotherhood with a sheep? Roseanne Baaa.

Barr’s slam was the sub-species of a joke you’d hear repeated by white slavers on slaving expeditions, or whispered during the slave auctions of mothers and children, or celebrated in vulgar minstrel shows, or swapped in the shadows of lynch mobs a generation ago, or retweeted by the ignorant today under the flickering glow of a tiki torch.

David then directed his sharp wit at the nitwit in the White House.

What do you get when you cross a privileged white president who retweets racist posts with a snowflake who claims he’s persecuted? A joke with no sense of history or context.

Thanks, ABC, for standing up to the crapola.

And that is no joke.

Neither is this piece in the Huffington Post that rips Trump for the dangers he poses to America: Renowned Economist Jeffrey Sachs Rips Trump As A Gibbering, ‘Delusional’ Threat. He calls for removal of the president using the 25th Amendment. (h/t Jana Eaton)

American economist Jeffrey Sachs has written a scathing takedown of President Donald Trump, calling him a delusional, psychopathic “threat to the nation and the world.”

He might be a “Manchurian Candidate” who is working as a “stooge” for some foreign power to destroy the U.S., Sachs wrote on CNN’s website Friday, referring to the spy movie thriller.

“Much more likely, Trump is just mentally unstable and narcissistic,” he added, calling the new announcement of tariffs on exports from Canada, Mexico and the European Union part of a “psychopath’s trade war.”

Sachs, a renowned Columbia University professor who heads its Center for Sustainable Development and serves as a senior adviser at the United Nations, said no one expressed “a single word of respect for Trump” during his recent trip to Europe. Their question was: “How did America fall so far so fast?” Sachs wrote.

Trump’s “so-called policies are not really policies,” he added. “Trade wars are on, off, on hold, on again, within the span of days. … Foreign companies are sanctioned today and rescued the next. … Global agreements and rules are ripped to shreds. Trump’s garbled syntax and disorganized thoughts are impossible to follow.”

Sachs has bashed Trump’s economic actions several times. Earlier this year, he said the president’s tariffs prove he “flunked economics” and makes “primitive errors because he hasn’t a clue as to how the world economy works.”

Regarding the steel tariffs, Sachs wrote for CNN, “whatever US steel producers might gain from a trade war would be offset by the losses to steel users and consumers, plus the social costs of protecting uncompetitive jobs.”

One of Sachs’ biggest targets has been the massive tax cuts and budget deficit, which he has labeled part of the “war” of America’s rich on the poor. “We cannot afford tax cuts. The idea that somehow has gotten into our heads … that ‘oh, $1.5 trillion, that we can give away,’ is unbelievable in any serious country,” he told Bloomberg last year. He called the redistribution of wealth in the nation a “populism by the super rich” who “want more and more and more.”

But Sachs’ latest attack in CNN was far more personal about the president. The U.S. has “probably never before had a delusional president, one who speaks gibberish, insults those around him including his closest associates, and baffles the world. We strive to make sense of Trump’s nonsense, implicitly assuming some hidden strategy. There is none,” Sachs declared.

He warned: “Harming our closest allies, raising the prices on key intermediate products, and provoking retaliation cannot possibly deliver higher wages, better jobs, or an improved trade balance.”

The “real answer” is to remove Trump from office using the 25th Amendment to replace him, Sachs concludes.

“Trump is unwell and unfit to be president. He is a growing threat to the nation and the world.

Lest you think this is partisan hyperbole, consider what just happened yesterday. After sending a letter cancelling the Trump-Kim summit (itself the result of a Trumpian impulse) Trump Announces Summit Meeting With Kim Jong-un Is Back on reported the NY Times. Like his trade wars, his foreign policy seems in Sachs’ words, “on, off, on hold, on again, within the span of days.”

But more disturbing is Trump hosting a private meeting with a North Korean master spy - a guy thought to be the number 2 power in North Korea. Rachel Maddow’s story aired last night..

Trump hosts N Korean master spy, cyber army leader in Oval Office
Rachel Maddow reviews the checkered history of Kim Yong-chol, the North Korean master spy who founded the nation’s elite global hacker army and also spent a couple of hours in the Oval Office at an impromptu meeting with Donald Trump. Duration: 24:10.

Here is the clip.

Who else was there? What were the security arrangements? What deals were struck? Favoring whom?

Yesterday the delusional president faced off with a master spy. And that is no joke. Scary stuff.

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