Monday, June 4, 2018

Latest greatest Illustrated Gnus and other realities masquerading as satire

Scriber flags the themes in this Mournday Mourning’s toons from AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona.

Headlining the Illustrated News: Starbuck’s racial sensitivity training is Roseanne’s ultimate punishment.

Himmler look-alike Jeff Sessions rips families apart. Are 1500 missing kids in American concentration camps?

About those broken families: Jesus Wept but Betsy DeVos does not.

King Donald
King Donald's unfettered authority:
Judge, Jury, & Executioner

Trump lawyers break new legal ground: Kings cannot be guilty of anything. And here we thought the Jefferson, Nixon, and Clinton cases settled that. Here’s the legal analysis from AZBlueMeanie.

Trump prepares for special counsel interview: “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody Mueller and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

Trump blows up trade, Congress blows up Dodd-Frank, porkers on Wall Street win, the rest of us lose. Are you listening mid-America farmers?

Breaking news: Kim plays Trump with the art of his deal.

Media Afterthought: 4,645 dead Puerto Ricans.

Scriber’s Usually Unreliable Sources report that Trump administration orders millions of cakes delivered to Puerto Rico.

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