Saturday, June 9, 2018

Trump sings God Bless America, It's All About Me

Trump Unable to Remember Words to ‘God Bless America’ at Fake Fan Rally reported Jonathan Chait in the NY Magazine’s Intelligencer.

Faced with the embarrassment of his poorly attended ceremony to honor Super Bowl champions the Philadelphia Eagles, President Trump announced that he was inviting the team’s “fans” to a display of patriotism instead. The president “believes there is a significant overlap between football fans and his base and has told confidants that he believes his voters would enthusiastically take his side over football players whom Trump thinks have looked unpatriotic and greedy,” the Associated Press reports.

Even by the standards of a hastily devised event, it was a shambolic display. If the plan was to prove that Eagles fans would side with Trump over the Eagles, there is very little evidence it worked. Trump did muster a crowd. A reporter scanning the crowd found a total of one Eagles logo on display:

Tim Furlong
Not exactly sure who these @Eagles “fans” are but I have counted exactly one item of clothing with an eagles logo on it at the White House. #Eagles #EaglesNation @NBCPhiladelphia

I have seen Philadelphia Eagles fans. These do not look like Philadelphia Eagles fans:

Fake rally
Trump's fake rally. Eagles fans? Really?

They look like Republican staffers and lobbyists who were hastily summoned to the White House to fill out the audience.

Trump attempted to sing along to “God Bless America,” but managed to get just two lines in before he obviously no longer knew the words. Trump didn’t just decide to stop singing. He picked the song back up when the chorus repeated …

But he might have done so with different words. See this choice cartoon by Kevin Siers at the Charlotte Observer.

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