Friday, July 13, 2018

Another X-antiX appointment - Senate confirms unqualified candidate to head Criminal Division

From the very start of the Trump administration his picks for cabinet and other high positions followed a simple rule: “For a given agency X, pick as its leader someone who is fiercely antiX. Then sit back and watch the carnage.” Back in January 2017 I fingered Scott Pruitt’s appointment as EPA head as a X-AntiX case study: EPA regs on the chopping block.

Yesterday the U. S. Senate voted on party lines to confirm Brian A. Benczkowski. This guy, you see, has virtually no experience in criminal prosecutions. Yet, Trump put him up to head the Criminal Division of the Justice Department. As such, he would be the boss of the many career prosecutors. AZBlueMeanie, in this morning’s Blog for Ariziona, explains why that confirmation is a seriously bad move for justice in America: Senate Tea-Publicans abdicate their duty in favor of GOP tribalism.

This is inexcusable and indefensible. Senate Tea-Publicans have abdicated their constitutional duty in favor of GOP tribalism to confirm Brian A. Benczkowski to lead the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and oversee the government’s career prosecutors, including those investigating President Trump.

Moreover, Benczkowski has his own problematic connection with Russia.

Benczkowski, who has never tried a case in court and who was hired by Alfa Bank — a Russian bank under scrutiny by the Special Counsel over reports of a communications link to the Trump campaign, Was a Trump Server Communicating With Russia? — to prepare a report exonerating the bank, is not qualified for this position.

So the Justice Department’s Criminal Division (X) is now to be headed by Benczkowski (anti-X). What do you suppose he was hired to destroy? BlueMeanie answers.

Benczkowski is now in the line of succession at DOJ, should Trump decide to engage in a “Saturday night massacre” at the Justice Department. He is a Trump loyalist who will play the role of Robert Bork in the Watergate scandal.

And his confirmation confirms that the Republican senators are complicit in whatever leverage Putin has over Trump - every single one of them.

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