Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Trump picks Kavanaugh for SCOTUS

Brett Kavanaugh Is Trump’s Pick for Supreme Court reports the NY Times.

President Trump on Monday nominated Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, a politically connected member of Washington’s conservative legal establishment, to fill Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s seat on the Supreme Court, setting up an epic confirmation battle and potentially cementing the court’s rightward tilt for a generation.

See my earlier post for details about Kavanaugh. More from the Times:

For Democrats, the nomination sets up a political battle they are likely to lose. While Republicans hold a razor-thin margin in the Senate — Senator John McCain’s absence because of his brain cancer reduces it to 50 seats — a handful of Democrats might vote for the nominee, particularly those running for re-election in states where Mr. Trump won in 2016 and is still popular.

Among Democrats facing that dilemma: Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Donnelly of Indiana and Joe Manchin III of West Virginia. All three voted to confirm Justice Gorsuch. Bob Casey, a Pennsylvania Democrat who is also up for re-election, made his intention to reject Mr. Trump’s choice clear hours before he even announced it.

Votes from those three (Heitkamp, Donnelly, and Manchin) would be enough to cancel any moves by Senators Murkowski and Collins to block Kavanaugh’s confirmation. There is no hope that our own senators will intervene. McCain is ill and not in Washington and Flake, as usual, talks a better line than he delivers (already admitting that he will vote for confirmation). It’s an uphill battle but one that we must fight.

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