Saturday, August 18, 2018

Nixon White House Lawyer Advises Trump Staffers

There’s an old (or should be old) saying among scuba divers: You don’t have to swim faster than a great white shark. You just have to swim faster than your dive buddy.

So it is with people leaving a troubled organization: You don’t want to be the last rat to leave the sinking ship.

[John Dean to White House staffers: ‘Get out!’] reports “Aldous J Pennyfarthing” in the Daily Kos.

He should have said “Get out while you can!”

John Dean knows a little something about awful, criminal, paranoid presidents with berserk rage boners for the popular Democratic presidents who preceded them. As White House counsel under President Nixon, he was deeply involved in the Watergate coverup. Eventually he flipped on the president, cooperating with investigators and pleading guilty to a single felony count.

So if things seem a tad Watergate-y to you these days, imagine how Dean feels. He’s seen this movie before. Hell, he’s helped make this movie before. And now he’s saying to White House staffers, “Whatever you do, don’t be me”:

John Dean
Memo To Trump’s White House Staff: FYI. Very few people who worked at Nixon’s White House later included that fact on their resumes. It doesn’t do much for a career to be on the wrong side of history, nor to have worked for the worst president in American history.
10:19 PM · Aug 16, 2018

Come on, John. Worst in history? That’s … okay, yeah, you’re right. And unless we discover that James Buchanan nailed Stormy Daniels’ great-great-grandmother after she spanked him with a copy of Old Farmer’s Almanac, he’ll likely hold onto that status for a while.

But this tweet does raise an interesting question. What could be a worse job to list on your résumé than White House staffer during the Trump administration?

McDonald’s pink-slime wrangler?
Steve Bannon’s personal bathtub attendant?
Dick Cheney’s organ-donor clone?
KKK cross-oiler?
Death Star weapons technician?

I’d have to say those are all about on par with working for the Trump White House.

In other words, it’s better to be the first rat off the sinking ship than the last. Think about that, okay?

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