Thursday, August 9, 2018

Who's got the money in the AZ primary

The simple fact is that when it comes to political contests money talks and walks. If you don’t have it, you are unlikely to win the contest. True, there are exceptions. Consider the case of Alexandria Ocasio-Cruz. But she is the exception. Thus who has got money, and who does not, is a question of interest as we approach the primary and general elections in 2018.

AZBlueMeanie has done the research for us and reports a snapshot of the finances of US House and US Senate candidates in Arizona in Who is winning the ‘money race’ so far in Arizona’s congressional and senate races? You probably know, or can guess, the answer. Here are results for the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Flake and CD2 House.

US Senate

Democratic Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema is leading Republican Congresswoman Martha McSally in the money race. McSally, however, has and will be the beneficiary of copious amounts of “dark money” spending by outside conservative groups desperately trying to retain this Arizona Senate seat for the GOP. This may be one of the most competitive, and one of the ugliest Senate races in the country this fall. Rep. Sinema has one of the rare opportunities this election cycle for a Democrat to pick up a Senate seat. Whatever you may think about Rep. Sinema, the die is cast and this is a must-win election. I can’t bear the thought of six more years of Martha McSally. Let’s send her packing!

CD 2

Incumbent Republican Congresswoman Martha McSally is running for the Senate. Former Democratic Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick, who previously represented District 1, is the Democratic Party’s “anointed” candidate for this open seat. She has attracted party insider money as a result. Dr. Matt Heinz, who previously was the Democratic candidate in CD 2, nevertheless is raising enough money to be competitive with the likely Republican Party nominee, Lea Marquez Peterson. If Heinz manages to win over Kirkpatrick the Democratic primary, the Democratic Party money will gravitate to him because CD 2 is a competitive seat and a likely Democratic Party pickup this November. The Democratic Party really wants this seat back and will spend whatever it takes to win.

BTW, when it comes to ugly, the CD2 race is competitive. Commenter Liza observes:

Ann Kirkpatrick has been posting on her Facebook page, nothing controversial, just benign stuff about canvassing, getting out the vote, etc…

AK is deleting comments, but she doesn’t delete the weird comments made by wingnuts. She deletes comments made by people who don’t like her especially her negative campaigning against Matt Heinz.

I wonder if this is predictive of how she will respond to CD2 constituents if elected in November.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve gotten five glossy, glitzy mailers from AK attacking Heinz. For me, it’s a total turn-off. Billy does not have the money but he does have my vote.

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