Monday, September 3, 2018

Nation Mourns McCain, Trump plays golf. That and more you did not want to know in the Illustrated Gnus.

On this Mournday Mourning, the nation mourns the passing of Senator John McCain. While his daughter, Meghan, spoke at his funeral, President Donald Trump took off to play golf. Well, don’t be too hard on Trump. After all, McCain orchestrated the whole thing including Trump’s enforced absence. That and other themes, memes, and falemes in the Illustrated Gnus from AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona.

  • If there is ever a way to be un-presidential, Trump will find it. Lower the flag, raise the flag, lower the flag, play golf.
  • Republicans cry crocodile tears. Trump finds another way to water McCain’s grave.
  • Rather than to live with Trump, moderate Republicans choose to die with McCain.
  • Good grief! Did I just say that? Of course they won’t.
  • If you do a Google search for “Trump integrity”, what do you find? I just ran that search. “Obama outpolls Trump”, “Donald Trump, Your Funeral Is Coming”, McCain “detested the abuse of power” and “swaggering despots”, “Stormy Daniels scandal”, “lack of integrity”, “lack of integrity”, “lack of integrity”, … Of course, Trump wages war on Google.
  • “There will be violence if the Democrats win in November”, howls Trump. (True.) NRA membership increases as guns are flying off the shelves. (Not true as far as I know, but plausible, right?)
  • Trump’s advance application rejected by Hell.
  • Trump is above the law - if Kavanaugh puts him there. Think about what 50–49 says about the Republican “moderates” in the Senate.
  • And for the last word this mourning, here is the Navy Band singing the Navy Hymn. That’s emblematic of what John McCain was and what Donald Trump was not, is not, and will never, ever be.

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