Monday, October 1, 2018

Illustrated Gnus Flash - GOPlins have 'their way' with Justitia

GOPlins hiding
GOPlins behind the female inquisitor

Justitia, aka Themis, is the goddess of justice. For those of you who have led a heretofore sheltered life, “their way” refers to having sex with a female, likely against her will.

I lead with my nomination for a new kind of humor. Kavan-augh
noun and verb
“Mark and Brett Kavan-aughed at Ford’s predicament”

Here are the rest of the themes, memes, and falemes from the Mournday Mourning Illustrated Gnus (aka toons from AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona.

  • Why women don’t come forward more often (according to Republican senators)
  • 27 years: 11 white men then, 11 white men now
  • Republicans have become the party of Trump. So why are you surprised they are defending a Trump clone for SCOTUS?
  • “I like beer” said the beer-’n-babes guy.
  • “The GOP got a woman to question Dr. Ford, then they got a drunken frat guy to question Brett Kavanaugh.” Would have made for better optics than the 11 white guys doing it.
  • For female issues before the Supreme Court: This Brett’s for you.
  • Toga on, Brett! Kavanaugh up for renaming the Supreme Court Building Animal House II?
  • Trump may not have wanted this, but he got it: Kavanaugh rants + Graham raves = national disgrace.
  • When it comes to the UN, Trump does not understand the difference between “laughed with” and “laughed at”.
  • I wonder. Does McSally join those Republican women who think Ford was credible but support Kavanaugh anyway?

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