Monday, October 8, 2018

Mournday Mourning Illustrated Gnus for some Kavan-aughter

The Washington Post fact-checker, as of August, has documented 4,229 false or misleading statements by Donald Trump. That’s a daily rate of 7.6. The President’s denials of his knowledge about the hush money paid to Stormy Daniels triggered a different way of understanding Trump’s mendacity: Not just misleading. Not merely false. A lie. Statistically speaking, we should not believe anything Trump says.

With that in mind, here are the themes, schemes, memes, and falemes abstracted from AZBlueMeanie’s Illustrated Gnus.

Trump mocks Ford
  • “Take it from me, Brett is a fine person.” See? 7.6 per day.
  • Justice silenced by the GOPlins.
  • Trump’s rally: Indelible is the laughter - again.
  • Surely we’ve figured it out by now - Sen. Jeff Fake.
  • Kavanaugh to Democrats: tu mortuorum cibum. (Google Translator will help you out here.)
  • A new devil’s triangle: GOP Congress, GOP President, GOP Supreme Court.
  • Lady Liberty moves forward with a sword.
  • Donnie and Kim - kiss and tell.
  • What made Trump: tax evasion, fraud, lies, and Fred.
  • The presidential alert you got on your cell phone said no action is required. That is a lie. Remember who sent that to you. Remember in November.

Remember my announcement of a new kind of laugh?

… my nomination for a new kind of humor.
noun and verb
“Mark and Brett Kavan-aughed at Ford’s predicament”

Here is a bonus to elicit some Mournday Mourning Kavan-aughter. The Daily Beast has the video of Randy Rainbow doing Kavanaugh.

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