Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Steve Schmidt - Trump is 'stoking a cold civil war'

Appearing on Chris Hayes’ All In, Steve Schmidt does not hold back, in tonight’s Commentary featured on the Daily Kos.

Here is a sample.

… where we are, is at an unprecedented place in American history.

We have never had a President of the United States do, what his president is doing.

He is stoking a cold civil war in this country, and it has turned hot on the periphery.

This man Bowers, what he said was, when he went in he said: “I can’t sit by and watch my people get slaughtered. Screw the optics – I’m going in.”

And he went in, to kill Jews. Jews that he believed were financing ’the Caravan’; the invading army, like a Panzer Division, that is threatening the southern border – an army that is racked and riddled with disease.

The same type of rhetoric, the same type of propaganda, that you would have seen in Germany in 1938: Dehumanization. Turning people into infested vermin.

What Trump is doing is stoking and inciting, for the purposes of political power, the worst amongst us, to take action in his name.

We have a situation, whereby but for the grace of God, the largest mass assassination attempt was avoided – that target amongst them, two former presidents of the United States.

Everyone of those people, was a target of Donald Trump’s. …

… anybody who says there is no causality between these events and the incitements are as dishonest, as they are blind.

The video clip embedded below is 10 minutes long. Play it now.

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