Monday, October 15, 2018

White House screens 'Attack of the Ignoramous'. That and other Mournday Mourning Illustrated Gnus.

Here are the schemes, themes, memes, and falemes from the Blue Meanie at Blog for Arizona.

Trump policies
  • There are no more moderate Republicans. If you think otherwise, put your trust in Susan Collins and see what that gets you.
  • Trump’s rallying cry is still “Lock her up!” This time it’s Ford, not Clinton.
  • The new Devil’s Triangle: White House, Senate, Supreme Court.
  • Rumored: Nikki Haley’s resignation letter said “Will the last sane woman to leave please turn out the lights- and leave the toilet seat up.”
How to elect morons
Tuned in, turned on, dropped out
  • Trump repeats 125 false or misleading claims in Lesley Stahl’s 60-minutes interview. (I didn’t count, but given the fact-checking record, it’s a good guess.)
  • Mexico Beach is the new normal.
  • More from Stahl interview: When it comes to climate change disasters, Trump knows something is happening but he doesn’t know what.
  • Trump loves Kim. Is this Love for Sale?
  • Speaking of love for dictators, how about Prince bin Salman? Do his reforms include bumping off journalists?

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