Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Yesterday's toons and a tune

Here are yesterday’s schemes, themes, memes, and falemes from the Chronicles of King Donald I.

I know - I’m a day late on this one. They appear first as cartoons selected by the AZ Blue Meanie for the Mournday Mourning Illustrated Gnus and then are reviewed by your Scriber. This week, however, Scriber is running in reverse, posting on the toons a day late. But that’s OK, right? The GOPlins under Trump are always running Back in Time.

With apologies to Huey Lewis and The News and their Back to the Future track:

Tell me, Donald, why are you being so mean
Is this the 50’s, or 2019
All I wanted to do, was collect my medicare
Repeal ACA? So un-fair
So you better promise me, you’ll go back in time
We’ll getcha back in time

McSally's treason
McSally's weird definition of treason
  • Deficit aka McConnell’s monster devours medicare, medicaid, and social security. Angry mob takes to the streets.
  • Trump courts MBS, calls him My Best Saudi. They agree that journalists are the enemy of the people.
  • Trump scrubs the Saudi Consulate after the accidental dismemberment.
  • You don’t suppose … Trump talked about cutting an arms deal and MBS took him literally?
  • Republicans think that clean energy bill Prop 127 costs too much. They prefer global catastrophe due to global warming.

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