Sunday, November 11, 2018

2018 election update for Nov. 11

My reporting started with 0630, Saturday, Nov 10. New results as of: 5:30 AM, Sunday Nov 11.

Numbers flagged with “+” favor Democrats. Numbers flagged with “-” favor Republicans.

I’m carrying forward previous results so you can track trends. For example, yesterday Sinema was beating McSally by 20,102 votes. This morning the lead increased to 29,832 votes.

The trends seen yesterday continue to favor Dems. Of note: Sandra Kennedy now has pulled way ahead of both Republicans in the Corporation Commission race. Katie Hobbs has closed on Gaynor in the SoS race but still is behind by 2,008.

The good news
US Senate, Sinema vs. McSally: +20,102 +29,832
US House, Kirkpatrick vs. Marquez-Peterson, +19,584 +22,563
AZ Corp Com, Sandra Kennedy vs. Glassman, +1,602 +8,517 vs. Olson +4,642
AZ Sup/Public Instruction, Hoffman +31,809 +43,563
AZ LD2 Senate, Dalessandro +9,494 +10,349
AZ LD2 House, Gabaldon beats Ackerley +6,930 +7,532
AZ LD2 Hernandez beats Sizer +7,114 +7,813

Some of the not-so-good news
AZ SoS, Hobbs still trails Gaynor, –10,696 –2,008
CD8, voucher queen Lesko leads Tipirneni, –29,455 –30,219
LD28 Senate, Kate Brophy McGee leads but by only –616 –617
LD11, Holly Lyon is still way behind.

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