Tuesday, November 20, 2018

China is 'most significant rival' to U. S.

Because of first hand knowledge, from travels of Mr. and Mrs. Scriber, I’ve been worried about China’s expansive approach to its global influence, for example in Africa and South America. Simultaneously, reports NY Times, China has made amazing advances what it is doing domestically.

In its Monday evening briefing, the NY Times asks “Is China just hitting its stride?”

In a special series of articles, The Times is examining how an isolated, impoverished backwater evolved into the most significant rival to the U.S. since the fall of the Soviet Union.

China leads the world in homeowners, internet users, college graduates and, by some counts, billionaires. Extreme poverty has fallen from three-quarters of the population in 1984 to less than 1 percent today.

China has risen so quickly that an 18-year-old’s chances at upward mobility today vastly exceed those of his or her U.S. counterparts. Eight hundred million people in China have been lifted out of poverty since 1990, and per capita income grew by 500 percent from 1980 to 2014.

And China’s walled-off internet, widely predicted to fail, has instead thrived.

China is doing all this while our great leader snipes, snarks, and shifts blame to everyone other than himself. The best he can do for our country, it seems, is to tweet an adolescent joke about the incoming House committee chair, Adam Schiff. (Trump, “misspelled” it as “AdamSchitt”.) The networks won’t say that but I sure as hell will.

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