Monday, November 19, 2018

Mournday Mourning Illustrated Gnus - while Trump fiddles ...

GOP makes voting easy
Making it easy to vote
and hard to cheat.

Here are the schemes, themes, memes, and falemes in the weekly Illustrated Gnus from the AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona.

  • "We want it to be easy to vote and we want it to be hard to cheat.” - AZ Republican Gov. Doug Ducey. Is he quitting the GOP?
  • After denying Obama his SCOTUS pick, McConnell wants drop partisanship and work with Dems? Will the Dems buy into that bridge to nowhere?
  • Why Trump dissed vets: maybe he likes heroes who weren’t killed?
  • What a difference 100 years makes. “Over there” vs. Trump’s hair.
  • In a desperate attempt to suppress the Latino vote, Trump deploys 5200 combat-ready troops to the border.
  • Or maybe it was just another production from Trump studios (formerly known as the White House).
  • Overheard: Commenting on their readiness at the border, one soldier to another - “I feel like a damn fool.”
  • Trump builds wall around the White House - to keep Jim Acosta out.
  • Ronald Reagan’s Ghost: “Mr. Trump, tear down this wall.”
  • Trump won’t fire Mueller. But Melania? Hmmm.
  • Speaking of fire, Trump blames California fires on “poor management.” As Trump heads to California, climate experts wary of adding a fool to the fire.

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