Monday, November 12, 2018

Post-election illustrated gnus

The House gets grabbed
Trump grabbed more than
he can handle.

Mourn no more on this Mournday Mourning. There are plenty of reasons in the Illustrated Gnus for worry, but there are some signs of hope and change.

Here are the schemes, themes, memes, and falemes in this morning’s cartoons from AZBlueMeanie.

  • Caravans that should haunt Trump: women, early voters, House Dems, white house press corps.
  • Magician Trump cut the nation in half and made the House majority disappear.
  • Sasquatch continues his search for voter fraud.
  • Trump to Whitaker: Let’s rename the department just us.
  • Overheard at the local lunch counter: “Why shouldn’t Trump take over the Russia investigation? No one knows more about that than he does.”
Animal control
Checks and balances at last
  • Exorcist 2018: Waiting for Mueller.
  • Just in: Commander-in-Chief scares the sh!t out of his generals, orders troops to build a wall of razor wire around America.
  • Trump makes Sessions look good by replacing him with a huckster (and that’s the kindest thing to be said this morning about Whitaker).

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