Friday, November 9, 2018

TGIF, for sure, but we end the week with bits of good news

Dems need a dose of good news. Here you go.

Howard Fischer’s report appeared in this morning’s Daily Star: Kyrsten Sinema takes lead over Martha McSally in Arizona’s tight US Senate race.

New figures from the Secretary of State’s Office find the Democrat has opened up a 9,600-vote edge over Republican Martha McSally. That is a sharp reversal from just 24 hours earlier when Sinema trailed by about 15,000.

Those newly counted ballots also have given Democrat Kathy Hoffman the lead in her race for state superintendent of public instruction. She is now up by 20,348 over Republican Frank Riggs; a day ago he was up by 7,200.

The new tallies also trim the margin that state Sen. Kate Brophy McGee, R-Phoenix, has over Democrat challenger Christine Marsh.

Also from Howard Fischer in the Star: Arizona Democrats, Republicans go to court in attempt to sway close races. The difference is that Republicans want to prevent some ballots being counted while Democrats want all ballots to be counted. I suggest you read the original report for a list of issues before the court, issues relating to what ballots get counted and when.

Although getting less press, the AZ House has tipped toward Dems. Here’s a third report from Fischer, also in the Star: Slim GOP majority in Arizona House presents challenge to new leadership. The main result of Tuesday’s election is that the R/D split was 35/25 and now it is tighter, but still favoring Rs: 31/29.

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