Monday, December 3, 2018

Illustrated Gnus and other abhorrent denizens from Capitopedia

Good Mourning! It’s Mournday so you know what’s coming here: schemes, themes, memes, and falemes via AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona.

  • Not-so-Generous Motors lays off workers, closes plants, collects bailout.
  • Exemplifying the Einsteinian definition of insanity, said workers will vote for Trump anyway.
  • The latest from the shiningtarnished city on a hill: The bad thing is that Trump will try to shut down government if he does not get his wall. The good thing is that government won’t be able to pay for the tear gas used on María, José and little Jesús. And Lady Liberty wept.
  • Quiz: Who said “We are seeking asylum to escape the dreadful situation in our country”? (A) Hispanic asylum seekers escaping from Central America. (B) U. S. citizens fleeing to Canada. (C) All of the above. (D) I’ve not been paying attention.
  • Calling climate change fake news, Trump visits California, throws climate change report into conflagration.
  • New slogan seen on red baseball caps: Make American Coal Again.
  • News from G20: MBS and Putin high fives, Trump seen lurking in background.
  • Sending Lynch Lady to U. S. Senate, Mississippi votes to go forward into the past.
  • “I have a gut” speech: Goes to show ya - Trump’s gut is larger than his brain.
  • In an apparent misconstrual of Harry Truman’s remark, Trump says “the bucks stop here.”
  • Trump answers Mueller questions, claims complete, total responsibility for answers. Might that be an “oops”?
  • Showing some degree of autonomous intelligence, Insight Lander applies for asylum.
  • Fearing a climate disaster like that of Thulcandra, inhabitants of Malacandra appeal to their Oyarsa to expel the Insight Lander. (Not a fan of C. S. Lewis? Look it up! Then read Lewis’ space trilogy.)

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