Monday, December 17, 2018

Moron accepts mantle - that and more Mournday Mourning Madness

From today’s [toons from the Arizona Blue Meanie] at Blog for Arizona here are the themes, schemes, memes, and falemes in the Illustrated Gnus.

Mad moron
Mad moron spotted at mantle
  • Pundits say a government shutdown is political suicide. Trump tweets “what’s this sewicyde thing”? Dems celebrate.
  • Trump threatens government shutdown because Mexico will pay for the wall. Got it?
  • Trump figures no loss in shutting down the government. “What in the hell you have to lose?”, he famously asked. World standing? Presidential respect? Moral compass? Civility? Truth?
  • DHS claims to provide water in all cages. A DeHydration Service?
  • Stock market headed south. Trump takes responsibility /Footnote 1/.
  • Scientists say we have about 10 years to take action on climate change before tipping point. Trump seen wearing coat with logo: “I don’t care. Do you?”
  • Federal judge’s anti-ACA ruling latest in Trump’s campaign against all things Obama. After hearing false news that Obama caused climate change, Trump threatens action.
Mad moron
Fortune teller predicts what is in store for Mulvaney
  • America has the largest, stongest military. Retired General, CoS Kelly discovers one thing stronger: the Trump Circus in the WH.

  • Applicants for Chief of Staff dissuaded by sign spotted over door of White House: “Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here.”

  • So why, you might well ask, did Mick Mulvaney accept the CoS job after calling Trump “a terrible human being” back in 2016? He must be overworked.

  • Judge rejects Cohen’s blind loyalty defense saying that’s reserved for congressional Republicans.

  • Trump says “I’m number one.” Court filings say Individual 1 is guilty of felonies. Oops.

  • Trump gets Christmas card from DoJ: “Merry Christmas, To Donald from Bob.”

  • About Trump’s crimes, Senator Orrin Hatch says: “I don’t care.” Subvocal: “Do you?”

  • It was once said about a prominent public figure “Like a wolverine she pisses on what she doesn’t eat.” That applies to the GOP. What they can’t steal by election they spoil for their successors.

  • Footnote 1. Oh, come on. You didn’t think I was serious. Only the first claim is true.

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