Wednesday, December 19, 2018

No surprise - McSally goes to Washington. The good news is that we know how to beat her in 2020.

CNN reports Martha McSally appointed to John McCain’s Senate seat. No surprise, really. But McSally is no McCain. One more target for a blue wave in 2020.

AZ Daily Star columnist Tim Steller thinks that McSally was best pick possible, especially for Southern Arizona. I understand completely (!) why you might object to that view. However, there is an interesting angle. Steller writes:

Southern Arizona Democrats have grown to dislike McSally intensely — and they’re justified. It wasn’t just McSally’s convenient embrace of President Trump once she decided to run for the Senate in late 2017 that generated Democrats’ enmity, but also her burn-it-all-down general-election campaign.

McSally ran an excessively negative campaign that attempted to disqualify Sinema for her views of 15 years ago more than selling McSally’s own story. She even ridiculously resorted to the T-word — treason. It was a disappointing display from a member of Congress who could have sold herself better.

But Democrats who are angry at McSally should take heart in the fact that they know their likely opposition for 2020 and have strong angles into beating her. By attaching herself so closely to Trump in the primary and general elections this year, McSally has made herself vulnerable to unfolding events that don’t look good for the president. In short, if he goes down, she’s likely to, too.

McSally knows this, so either she will moderate her positions away from the Trumpian ones she took in the campaign, or she will likely lose in the general election, assuming she survives any primary challenge.

So, Southern Arizona Republicans should be happy that one of their own will now be going to the U.S. Senate. And Southern Arizona Democrats should be happy that they know just how to beat her in two years.

Scriber is salivating, slavering really, politically speaking, at the thought.

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