Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Recommended reading - Night of Camp David

Camp David

I just finished Night of Camp David a 1965 political thriller by Fletcher Knebel. The essence of the novel is what our leaders could and could not do if our president went nuts and had to be removed from office. The novel proved prescient given the downfall of President Nixon and the naked narcissism of President Trump. Parts of the book are downright scary when considered in light of current events and considering the differences between political environments in 1974 and 2018.

Yesterday I posted on an essay by Charles Blow in the NY Times, The stuff of nightmares - the Russia investigation prompts the question of how America will weather the coming storm. He concluded:

I … don’t think that Trump would ever voluntarily leave office as Nixon did, even if he felt impeachment was imminent. I’m not even sure that he would willingly leave if he were impeached and the Senate moved to convict, a scenario that is hard to imagine at this point.

I don’t think any of this gets better, even as the evidence becomes clearer. I don’t believe that Trump’s supporters would reverse course in the same way that Nixon’s did. I don’t believe that the facts Mueller presents will be considered unassailable. I don’t believe Trump will go down without bringing the country down with him.

In short, I don’t believe we are reaching the end of a nightmare, but rather we are entering one. This will not get easier, but harder.

The country is about to enter the crucible. This test of our republic is without a true comparison. And we do not have a clear picture of how the test will resolve. But, I believe damage is certain.

Night of Camp David is a good read with contemporary relevance.

FYI: Knebel also authored Seven Days in May which was made into a movie about an attempted military coup in the U. S.

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