Monday, December 24, 2018

The Christmas edition of the Illustrated Gnus for this Mournday Mourning

Here are the themes, schemes, memes, and falemes from the Great Blue Meanie at Blog for Arizona.

No room at inn
After 2000 years ...
  • It’s been a couple of thousand years and there still is no room at the inn.
  • The Trump solution is to lock ’em up - in cages, that is.
  • Trump reaction to their cries: suffer little children. (He just forgot the second part.)
  • Congress unlikely to fund Trump’s wall. Trump’s Plan B: crowdsourcing. Plan C: wait for Mueller to build the wall (around Trump, that is).
  • Trump predicts a long shutdown. He has 2020 in mind.
  • Relative to his gut, the only thing smaller than Trump’s brain is his heart.
  • When accepting the mantle didn’t work, the Mad Moron of Mendacity is trying to blame the Dems for his Christmas present to the nation.
  • Trump reneges on promises to his base: heard to say “I don’t believe in Santa Claus, do you?”
  • Putin and Erdogan thank Trump for their Christmas presents.
  • Trump flashes victory V sign. Mattis reciprocates with middle finger.
  • There was some hope that Trump’s military advisors (Mattis, Kelly, Mcmaster) could restrain him. No such luck.
  • Trump Foundation dissolved because of illegal activities. No more Christmas presents for the Donald.
  • Trump claims all the donations to his foundation went to Charity. Scriber asks: what’s her last name?
  • Maybe, by this time next year, we’ll have locked him up. Maybe.
  • Scriber ends with Trump’s Christmas list for Santa.
Merry Xmas Donald
Merry Christmas, Mr. President

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