Monday, January 7, 2019

Good Mourning America. Here is a summary of the Mournday toons.

Trump's sh*tdown
How Trump wears his promised mantle
  • It’s really, really hard to pick a representative toon about the wall, that may not be a wall at all, but steel slats, or increased border security, or just a perception thing designed to make Trump look good - when he looks into a mirror that is.
  • It’s only a few days into 2019 and already Young 2019 is complaining.
  • The reason why the GOPlins hate Nancy Pelosi is because they’re afraid of how effective she is - not to mention a threat to their autocratic patriarchy.
  • Caravan. noun A group of Democrats knocking on the White House door intent on investigating corruption in the Trump administration.
  • Elizabeth Warren announces candidacy thus sparking another tantrum from Trump.
  • AOC (aka Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) gets boo’d by House Republicans. I guess that’s the GOPlins’ diversity strategy for 2020.
  • With national parks shut down by Trump the bears are hungry. Trump has two brought to the White House. He nicknames them Russia and Wall Street. They promptly bite him in the a$$.
  • Trump really, really respects our military. He cites his treatment of McMaster, Kelley, Mattis, and McChrystal as proof. Oops.

All this and more Illustrated Gnus from AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona.

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