Friday, February 1, 2019

McSally runs afoul of campaign finance laws - again

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that the Feds flag Arizona senator for excessive campaign donations. Guess who? That Senator would be Martha McSally and it ain’t the first time, folks.

The FEC limits individual contributions to $2700 for the primary and another $2700 for the general.

But the federal agency flagged dozens of contributions to McSally from more than 60 donors that appear to exceed those limits, including one who cut a $10,000 check during the general election alone, according to an analysis of FEC records.

… a spokesman for McSally said she can’t control how much her supporters give.

Apparently not (tongue firmly lodged in cheek). In the midterm election, McSally accepted $270,000 in excess contributions.

I’d have thought that McSally’s earlier transgressions would trigger more careful accounting. Silly me!

This isn’t the first time McSally has drawn attention for her fundraising and record-keeping. An audit by the FEC that was released last year found that the former congresswoman’s 2014 campaign accepted $319,000 in excessive contributions.

The agency found that her campaign had sloppy record-keeping, with account balances that were repeatedly overstated or understated. The audit also found that she failed to disclose required donor information and did not report late-in-the campaign donations within the required amount of time.

So McSally’s campaign officials have a problem with managing money. A kindly interpretation is that they suffer from a lack of competence. You might imagine less kindly interpretations.

h/t Maggie Sievers

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