Monday, March 25, 2019

Gnus and other bad guys in the Illustrated News

FLASH: AG Barr releases his version of Mueller report. GOPlins whoop and holler. Dems want full report. Newsweek reports: MUELLER DID NOT EXONERATE’ TRUMP, ‘DEMOCRATS WILL CALL ON AG WILLIAM BARR’ TO TESTIFY, SAYS HOUSE JUDICIARY CHAIR.

(especially of an official body) absolve (someone) from blame for a fault or wrongdoing, especially after due consideration of the case.
“they should exonerate these men from this crime”
synonyms: absolve, clear, acquit, declare innocent, find innocent, pronounce not guilty, discharge;

That’s not what Mueller did.

Responding to the [AG Barr] summary, Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York argued that there must be a reason why Mueller’s findings didn’t explicitly exonerate the president.

“There must be full transparency in what Special Counsel Mueller uncovered to not exonerate the President from wrongdoing,” the New York congressman tweeted. “DOJ owes the public more than just a brief synopsis and decision not to go any further in their work.”

“Special Counsel Mueller worked for 22 months to determine the extent to which President Trump obstructed justice,” Nadler added in another tweet. “Attorney General Barr took 2 days to tell the American people that while the President is not exonerated, there will be no action by DOJ.”

Due to the “very concerning discrepancies and final decision making at the Justice Department,” Nadler, the House Judiciary Committee chair, said, "we will be calling on Attorney General Barr to testify” before the committee sometime “in the near future.”

Even though Barr’s summary stated that Mueller was unable to determine whether Trump or anyone in his 2016 campaign team had obstructed justice, the president finally commented on the news in a post to Twitter this afternoon, writing: “No Collusion, No Obstruction, Complete and Total EXONERATION. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!”


Shooting a dead guy
How did our nation get to this place?

Here are the other Mournday Mourning themes, schemes, memes, and falemes from AZBlueMeanie at Blog for Arizona.

  • The first 16 toons are about Trump’s trashing John McCain. The score: McCain 16, Trump 0.
  • What does it say about the character of those who are OK with trashing a deceased hero? (Lindsey “Groveling” Graham, for example.)
  • Trump fans the flames of white supremacy among his fans.
  • The U. S. is still influential on the world stage. The New Zealand shooter thought so when he marked Trump as a symbol for his murderous mission.
  • Wouldn’t it be fun to have breakfast with the Conways?
  • Messaging in ’Merica. On the left: study hard, get good grades. On the right: bribe an cheat.
  • Beto, Biden, Better? (Hey! Don’t shoot the messenger. Go read AZBlueMeanie’s post for those toons.)
  • America needs a break from diverse, young, female presidents. Instead, 40% of Americans will opt for re-electing a white, old, draft-dodging, crazed, corpulent, corrupt male.
NZ vs. US
Question: How did our nation get to this place?

Answer: By willing to see our children massacred time after time after time, all so we can preserve our “right” to own military weapons.

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