Monday, March 4, 2019

GOP's Greed New Deal offered to pay for the wall

Trump Thud
Theme 1

Here’s a rundown of the other themes, schemes, memes, and falemes in today’s Mournday Mourning Illustrated Gnus by the AZ Blue Meanie at Blog for Arizona.

  • Two topics dominate: The nothing-burger summit and the Cohen testimony.
  • Progress at summit: Kim might pay for the wall. Or maybe not.
  • Why so little progress was made at Viet Nam summit: Trump’s bone spurs were acting up.
  • If it weren’t obvious before, the House Republicans showed their true loyalty: Trump uber alles.
  • Translated, that means they couldn’t build up Trump so they tried to tear down Cohen.
  • Is Cohen’s testimony AMAGAlypse Now for Trump? Probably not. The GOPlins in congress will carry on and stir up Trump’s base.
GOP fixers
Theme 2
  • Cohen says “Shame on you” to ranking member Jordan. Major mistake. GOPlins have no shame.
  • The most painful moment at the House hearing was sort of like having the ever faithful wife stand by her scandalized husband on national TV. Mark Meadows trotted out his version of that by having one black woman stand behind him on national TV. That lady deserves Republican apologies and Democratic commiserations - on national TV.
  • Republicans ask “What kind of fool would believe a known liar and cheat?” Oops. They might want to rethink that question.
  • And then there’s Jared Kushner’s security clearance. Trump is accused of ramming that one through.
  • In response to AOC’s Green New Deal, Republican corporate toadies respond with a Greed New Deal.
  • AntiVaxxers yearn for days gone by - fewer inoculations and many more childhood diseases.
  • A parting visual image: a wall of Coultergeists to scare the bejesus out of asylum-seekers.

Ya know, it’s getting harder and harder to make this stuff funny - ’cuz it isn’t.

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