Wednesday, March 20, 2019

U. S. Senator Martha McSally courts Scriber with 'Null'

Certificate of appreciation
received from Sen. Martha McSally

Yesterday I received this certificate in the mail. Note that it was addressed to “William Maki Null”. The fine print identifies me as “a patriotic American and Republican leader.” Come on. Stop snickering. It gets better. The certificate fingers me as “serving as a committed and valued member of McSally for Senate …”

That fancy certificate was accompanied by a “Delivery Confirmation Receipt.” It repeated my name “William Maki Null” and doubled down with the first address line being “Null”. It then begs for a “most generous gift” with amounts listed ranging from $35 to $2,800 and a “Best Gift” left blank. My signature was again “William Maki Null.” It ended with “Make checks payable to McSally for Senate, Inc.”

Where to start? “Null” refers to missing data cells in databases. So some of my information, apparently, was not in whatever database the McSally staff was using. (But how did they get me in the first place?) Printing a document with the missing cells flagged as “Null” is a serious amateurish newbie error. And what’s with "McSally for Senate, Inc.? Since when is a candidate committee a corporation? Does the senator have articles of incorporation on file?

Back at the beginning of February I posted how McSally runs afoul of campaign finance laws - again. At the time, I thought her problems with campaign finance laws might have been intentional attempts to evade such laws by accepting excess contributions. Now, given the mailing I received yesterday, I am more convinced that all McSally’s legal troubles are attributable to rank incompetence and carelessness. Null? Inc? And this was sent to her constituents?

Here’s what I will send back to McSally. Best gift? Null. Confirmation receipt? Null. My signature? Null. Credit card number? Nulll. Name as it appears on card? Null.

This performance is a clear signal why she does not deserve to be in the U. S. Senate - or any other government post. Vote for McSally? Null. Never.

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