Saturday, March 16, 2019

UPDATE - Getting the Last Word and setting Democratic priorities

I’ve said it before in this blog: the big story of the 2o16 election is not about Trump - it’s about his followers.

If, as Nancy Pelosi said, Trump is not worth it, then what is?

Mary Sanchez offers advice in the Daily Star: To win in 2020, Dems must take on a party, not a man. In other words, Dems should be about battling undemocratic ideas and improving lives.

"Just not worth it” is a call for restraint. Whether her more vocal fellow congressional Democrats will heed the advice remains to be seen.

By week’s end, they’d been tempted, baited even more with news that cast the president in the shade, wounded, a man on the ropes.

Most of us have heard similar advice from a friend when we’ve been poised to act in ways that might double the hurt later. A failed effort to drive Trump from office by impeachment, rather than at the ballot box, certainly qualifies.

Many took Pelosi’s statement as pragmatic wisdom. And it is. But what she didn’t articulate is the greater challenge.

Trump is merely a manifestation of deep fragmentations within the U.S. that existed long before he glided down the staircase at Trump tower and entered the presidential race. He didn’t manufacture our divisions; he mined them for votes, surprising even himself.

The Democrats’ goal should not be defeating one man, no matter how repulsive or dangerous. It should be to resolve the economic concerns, the racial divide and outright fears of so many Americans.

That’s the national angst that spawned the Trump presidency in the first place. Finding a way to soothe and dissipate it is their likeliest path to victory in 2020.

Check out Sanchez’s column for more depth of her analysis.

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