Tuesday, July 2, 2019

More disinformation from Trump campaign

Here’s an interesting finding from Judd Legum at popular.info (via subscription email newsletter). It’s another example of disinformation practiced by Trump’s authoritarian campaign - a followup to my earlier post on authoritarian motives and methods.

Stock photo models for Trump

The Trump campaign is spending significant resources on highly manipulative online ads designed to make it appear that he has support from key demographic groups.

Here is how it works. Trump is not polling well among women in general and young women in particular. So it is running an advertisement on Facebook and Google featuring “Tracey” a young woman who is presented as a big Trump fan.

“President Trump is doing a great job. I could not ask for a better president of the United States of American,” Tracey says as we watch her stroll across the beach.

But Tracey is not an actual Trump supporter. She is a model from a video, “Summer beach beauty walking,” purchased on istockphoto.com.

The ad does include a disclaimer: “Actor portrayal. Actual testimonial.” But the disclaimer is shown for a split second in an extremely tiny font.

Notably, there is no evidence that whoever gave the “actual testimonial” is a young woman, which is the clear point of the ad.

The Trump campaign is running similar ads featuring stock photo models representing other key demographics – an older Hispanic man and a young hipster.

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