Friday, August 16, 2019

A constitutional amendment protecting rights of automobile owners

America is the nation of guns. We are now experiencing at least one mass shooting each day. The populace cries out for action: “do something.”

Here’s a something.

The argument goes like this: “we license the operators of automobiles and trucks to help ensure public safety” therefore because “guns clearly put that safety at risk as well” we should “impose firearm insurance on all gun owners and anyone purchasing pistols and rifles.” (Quotes are from this morning’s post Make gun owners buy insurance in the Daily Star.

Scriber endorses any such action that would stop mass shootings - especially in our schools. I’ve written before about my repugnance at America’s acquiescence to the NRA and gun lobby and, especially its acceptance of the tradeoff between the slaughter of our children and the rights claimed under the second amendment.

But before we go further along these lines, let me propose a logically equivalent argument. Instead of imposing more restrictions on gun owners let us lift all restrictions on motor vehicle owners.

We can start with a new constitutional amendment:

A well regulated transportation system, being necessary to the mobility of a free State, the right of the people to keep and drive motor vehicles, shall not be infringed.

National Drivers Association (NDA) would be the new political arm of the AAA. No drivers licenses. No mandatory insurance. MADD would raise holy hell but the rights under the new amendment are absolute so no DUI penalties. The rate of vehicular homicide would sky-rocket, but America would soon learn to tolerate the deaths of school children in cross walks and school bus crashes. Automobiles would become the weapon of choice for suicides and political statements would be made by crashing SUVs into crowds of people - all protected under the amendment.

And, the new amendment would be hailed by our political leaders as consistent with our freedoms by reducing regulations.

What (else) could go wrong?

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