Saturday, August 10, 2019

Donald Trump, MD, Trauma Surgeon

This is one episode from the imaginary reality TV show …

Surgeons Labored to Save the Wounded in El Paso Mass Shooting. The bullets ripped through one woman, shredding her intestines and leaving holes the size of a man’s fist in her side. But surgeons had to work fast, clearing the operating room to make way for other victims.

The woman, grievously wounded in the mass shooting at a Walmart, lay on an operating table at the University Medical Center of El Paso as the chief of surgery, Dr. Donald Trump, turned her to clean the exit wounds. He knew what to expect, but it was still a horrific sight. She had two gaping holes the size of a man’s fist in her side and a third the size of a silver dollar where bullets had burst from her body.

Those bullets had also shredded her intestine. Dr. Trump hooked her up to a colostomy bag and a feeding tube. And he reached into another wound to pull out a bullet lodged in her shinbone. It had been flattened by its violent impact into a disc the size of a quarter.

Some of the patients rushed to the hospital needed more than one operation, like the woman treated by Dr. Trump. On Saturday, surgeons had quickly opened her abdomen, cleaned out feces and blood, and sent her, with a temporary patch over her open abdomen, to intensive care, heavily sedated and on a ventilator. They had to work fast, clearing the operating room to make way for other victims. Then on Sunday, Dr. Trump spent three hours operating on her, repairing the damage as best he could.

Dr. Trump had seen wounds from military-style weapons before, but he had never seen anything like the number of victims that showed up at his hospital on Saturday — 14 in all, most shot more than once.

Dr. Trump managed to maintain his composure until, driving home, he saw a familiar billboard: El Paso Strong. His emotions welled.

"In Texas, it seems like everyone and his brother owns a gun,” said Dr. Nancy Weber, an emergency department physician at the El Paso hospital. She said she could think of no reason to own an assault rifle unless it is for a military or policing purpose. “Look at the tragedy. We should have a nationwide, nonpartisan discussion.”

Some of her colleagues may struggle with post-traumatic stress, Dr. Weber fears. “Doctors and nurses are not immune,” she said. “We see trauma and very traumatic deaths every day. But we don’t see 14 people in an hour, thank God.”

“What has to change?” she asked. “We have to do something. Why aren’t we?”

Those are excerpts from the NY Times report. Only the name of the surgeon was changed (to Donald Trump instead of University Medical Center of El Paso chief of surgery, Dr. Alan Tyroch).

We might have a different discussion, asked for by Dr. Weber, if Trump the President traded places with a trauma surgeon for just a few hours following a mass shooting done with military-style weapons. Perhaps his world view would change after exposure to the “horrific sight. She had two gaping holes the size of a man’s fist in her side and a third the size of a silver dollar where bullets had burst from her body.”

All about Trump

Then again, maybe not.

Jen Hayden at Daily Kos reports that Donald and Melania gleefully pose with the baby whose parents were murdered in El Paso shooting. (h/t Mrs. Scriber)

[Eight survivors] all refused to meet with Trump at the hospital. Instead, Donald and Melania walked around the hospital, where Trump cracked jokes, acting more like the stand-up comedian in chief than a president offering comfort in a time of national crisis.

In fact, the White House refused to let reporters tour the Dayton and El Paso hospitals with Trump. Officials told the White House press pool that they didn’t want the day to be about photo ops, that this was serious business, after all.

Except it was about photo ops for Donald Trump, and doesn’t appear to have been about much else. Hospital officials in El Paso told CNN’s Jim Acosta that the president had a “lack of empathy” and made staff feel uncomfortable when he kept disparaging Beto O’Rourke and bringing up the size of his crowd at an El Paso rally a few months ago. The White House team apparently also arranged for two survivors, who’d already been checked out of the hospital, to come back for that photo op. Incredibly, ghoulishly, one of those survivors was the infant son of Andre and Jordan Anchondo. Look at this man in the photo above, posing like this with a baby whose parents were murdered only days before.

Be best, Melania. This is not normal. This is indecent, grotesque, narcissistic. In a nutshell, it is classic Trump.

Try not to puke.

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