Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Gun control in New Zealand

538’s significant digits email has this notice of New Zealand’s response to its mass shooting.

10,000 firearms
Since the mass shootings at Christchurch mosques that killed 51 people, New Zealand’s government has purchased more than 10,000 firearms as part of a buyback program. The government there, by a vote of 119–1, outlawed most automatic and semiautomatic weapons and set aside NZ$150 million to buy the guns that were newly illegal. [The Guardian]

You can read the full report at New Zealand gun buyback: 10,000 firearms returned after Christchurch attack. Police praise response after thousands of now-banned guns taken out of circulation in less than a month.

Unlike the US where the right to self-protection if often quoted, the majority of New Zealand gun owners say they own weapons for sport, recreation and hunting.

For more on hunting (especially for control of introduced species), see this Wiki entry.

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