Saturday, August 24, 2019

McSally screws up campaign finances again. Why can't she learn.

David Nir (Daily Kos Elections) reports on Sen. Martha McSally’s finances in Vulnerable Republican senator from Arizona fined for campaign finance violations—yet again.

Either she or some of her staffers have a learning disablity. The just do not learn from their mistakes.

Republican Rep. Martha McSally, who faces a difficult re-election campaign as Arizona’s junior senator next year, has once again been fined by the FEC for failing to properly disclose past campaign donations—the second time this summer she’s been hit for the exact same violation.

The latest instance, reports Dan Desai Martin at Shareblue, concerns some $54,000 that McSally raised in the final two weeks of her successful 2014 campaign for the House. During that timeframe, all federal candidates are required to report any donations of $1,000 or more within 48 hours, but McSally, of course, did not file those 48-hour notices. As a result, she was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine to the FEC—a payment she cutely labeled as “compliance fees” in an April report she filed on behalf of her otherwise defunct House committee.

Last month, McSally told the FEC she’d pay an even larger fine of $23,000 because she’d taken $319,000 in excess contributions during that same 2014 race, exceeding the $2,600 per donor limit in effect at the time. The commission also found that McSally, who has a very long history of serious campaign finance violations, hadn’t correctly disclosed $33,000 in donations from PACs during that campaign.

As we noted last time, McSally unseated Democratic Rep. Ron Barber by just 167 votes out of 219,000 cast in 2014, making hers the closest House race in the entire nation that year. We’ll never know if McSally’s improper fundraising made the difference, but we can certainly say that it might have.

Why should we be surprised, I hear you ask. The Trump culture is one in which the rule of law holds weakly if at all. One possibility is that McSally’s poor reporting record indicates intentional evasion. But that sounds too much like a conspiracy theory. I favor another explanation.

Wikipedia has some things to say about incompetence in government. For example a kakistocrat is “A very poor ruler; a member of a kakistocracy” which “ is a system of government that is run by the worst, least qualified, and/or most unscrupulous citizens.” McSally shows signs of being a kakistocrat - which would put her squarely at the nexus of the other incompetent AntiXers. Someone in her camp (she or her staffers or both) is seriously negligent either by accident or design.

Either way, like a leech in an infested swamp, McSally has a firm hold on Trump and what he stands for.

BTW: Some of this I posted on a Washington Post report back in February of this year in McSally runs afoul of campaign finance laws - again. But this is one story that needs to be raised again and again as we move toward 2020.

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