Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Traumatic Tuesday's Gnus - that is, if they survive Trump gutting the Endangered Species Act

Massacre Mitch

In How a McConnell-backed effort to lift Russian sanctions boosted a Kentucky project, the Washington Post reported that, after Moscow Mitch McConnell blocked a Russian sanctions bill …

Within weeks, the U.S. government had formally lifted sanctions on Rusal, citing a deal with the company that reduced the ownership interest of its Kremlin-linked founder, Oleg Deripaska. And three months later, Rusal announced plans for an extraordinary partnership with Bouchard’s company, providing $200 million in capital to buy a 40 percent stake in the new aluminum plant in Ashland, Ky. — a project Gov. Matt Bevin (R) boasted was “as significant as any economic deal ever made in the history of Kentucky.”

Another guy once sold out for 30 pieces of silver. So, as an exercise in computing the future value …

Let’s assume at year zero a present value of $30. I used the Future Value formula to arrive at a rough guess what that $30 would be worth today. An interest rate of less than 1% compounded monthly for 2,000 years would yield about $200,000,000 in today’s currency. Draw your own conclusions about selling out across the centuries.

Here are some of the other themes, schemes, memes, and falemes in this edition of the Illustrated Gnus (inspired by cartoons from AZ Blue Meanie at Blog for Arizona).

Conspiracy fearist blows smoke
  • The rest of the world knows about Moscow Mitch - and now it knows about Massacre Mitch.
  • One thing we know is that he’s a Putin Patriot.
  • Hey! If he doesn’t like the labels he can stop doing those things that merit the labels - like blocking the Senate vote on gun safety that most Americans want.
  • Who said “This I can tell you … I’m the best narcissist ever”?
  • It’s not what we know about Epstein and his death – it’s what we don’t know that matters now.
  • What we do know is that Trump is guilty of propagating conspiracy theories. Why? Maybe to mask his own friendship with now dead sex trafficker.
  • MAGA redefined: Make Arctic Green(land) American. Mexico will pay for it.
  • The trade war is killing U. S. farmers. You don’t think so? Try going to the pecan festival this year.
  • Scriber’s Usually Unreliable Sources report overhearing a remark from a Midwestern farmer: "If we have a recession at least it will be made in America.
  • At the World Economy poker tournament Trump goes “all in” with his trade war. What could go wrong? Scriber’s Usually Unreliable Sources report hearing another player: “Didn’t he bankrupt several casinos?”
  • Trump blamed Obama for the rising stock market, and is now taking credit for the slump. (Did I get that right?)

Parting thought

Gutting ESA
If animals could talk …

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