Sunday, October 27, 2019

We might get a competent and honest White House if the occupant started reading news papers

Extra, Extra! Prez Won’t Read All About It. Maureen Dowd writes about how Snowflake Trump wants us off his lawn.

The short of it is that the Prez, he of the Offal Office, canceled the WH subscription to the Times and The Post. The question is where or to whom, then, will he turn to get his morning narcissistic fix?

President Snowflake had a pout this past week and canceled the White House subscriptions to The Times and The Washington Post. He probably thinks the papers are still delivered by boys in tweed news caps tossing them over the fence in the general direction of the West Wing.

Get those damn papers off my lawn!

It gets better.

Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s press secretary, imperiously announced that the White House would also strong-arm federal agencies to end their subscriptions to the papers, noting that this would be “a significant cost saving” to taxpayers.

Not as much, of course, as if Trump stopped spending tens of millions on golf outings after savaging his predecessor for excessively hitting the links. Besides, taxpayers would probably be happy to spend the money on newspapers if the president would stop staring at his name and educate himself on the globe.

The enormity of his stupidity caused him to accomplish the impossible: He managed to bollix up America’s Middle East policy even more, after we had already shattered the region through ignorance and arrogance.

Dowd continues.

Given the perverted values we’ve seen in other institutions, such as Facebook, the Catholic Church, the Bush-Cheney White House and the Trump White House, it feels good to be part of an institution that aims to illuminate rather than obscure.

Speaking of spin, I’ve got a push alert for Kellyanne Conway: No matter how many reporters you dress down, your tortured triangle with George and Donald is a real story. No one in Washington has seen anything like it since the days of Martha Mitchell.

So, Mr. President, given that you are shorn from The Times and The Post, I feel an obligation to fill you in on what you’re missing:

You’re about to be impeached.

Nancy Pelosi is kicking your butt.

The Deep State is not only out to get you; it’s gotten you.

The Republicans on the Hill who tried to crash the hearing — even though their fellow Republicans were taking part — looked like fanatical losers. Matt Gaetz compared his stunt to the Spartans and the movie “300,” but he’s no Gerard Butler and his pizza party was lame.

Your long-suffering Republican allies/hostages are finally getting tired of having to defend you all the time.

But, as Dowd observes, there is a deeply symbiotic relationship between the media and the Mendacidotard. He depends on the media to feed his narcissistic nastiness. And the media uses the result to sell more papers.

So, with respect to those cancelled subscriptions, she concludes and tells Trump, “You’ll sneak back and you know it.”

(Thanks to Roving Reporter Sherry.)

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