Friday, October 18, 2019

You cannot make this sh!t up - next G7 meeting to be in Trump's Miami resort

Trump Will Host 2020 G7 Summit at His Doral Resort. The decision to host the economic summit at the Trump National Doral Miami Golf Club is sure to alarm ethics watchdogs and critics of the administration.

President Trump will host next year’s Group of 7 meeting next June at Trump Doral, his luxury resort near Miami, the president’s acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, told reporters on Thursday.

“‘It’s almost like they built this facility to host this type of event,’” Mr. Mulvaney said during a press briefing, quoting what he said an unnamed official had told him before quickly saying that the issue was not a conflict of interest. “The president has made it clear since he’s been here that he hasn’t profited since he’s been here.”

How about: The president has made it clear since he’s been here that he hasn’t behaved presidentially since he’s been here.

The decision to host the summit at the Trump National Doral Miami Golf Club is almost sure to alarm ethics watchdogs and critics of the administration who would see an immediate conflict of interest. Hosting the Group of 7 meeting of world leaders at a Trump property could provide a windfall for the Trump Organization and raise the resort’s profile around the world.

“Donald Trump’s brand is strong as it is,” Mr. Mulvaney said when asked about possible criticism. “It’s the most recognized name in the English language.”

The president has been publicly laying the groundwork for hosting the meeting. At the Group of 7 summit this year, held in Biarritz in the south of France, Mr. Trump suggested that his luxury golf resort, west of Miami, would be a “great place” to hold next year’s meeting.

“It’s got tremendous acreage, many hundreds of acres, so we can handle whatever happens,” Mr. Trump said. “People are really liking it and plus it has buildings that have 50 to 70 units. And so each delegation can have its own building.”

Jim Swift at The Bulwark in the morning email yesterday has some caustic comments on Mulvaney.

[During a press conference yesterday], Mulvaney spun the critical questions of the press about Trump’s decision to host the 2020 G–7 (read: probably G–8) at his Doral resort. But there wasn’t a question about profit because the President was going to host it “at cost.” To those who don’t think much about economics, it’s a clever attempt at spin. Of course, it’s not true.

“Cost” is whatever you determine it to be, but even if the room rentals and hotel rooms are sold at “cost” the resort will profit no matter what. Even though Tea Party Mick Mulvaney was a thorn in the side of GOP leadership, 2011 Mick Mulvaney would have eviscerated the White House if, say, President Obama tried to do something like this.

We could see the books from Doral, but we won’t. We haven’t even seen Trump’s taxes that he promised to release. But this is all another case of the White House creating a new scandal to try and move on from the current ones, I’m not sure it will work. But one thing is for sure, Mick Mulvaney is beyond shame.

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