Saturday, December 7, 2019

Daily Star LTE - Trump supporters are the real problem

Letters to the Editor in this morning’s Daily Star includes Trump supporters greatly concern me by Steven E. Templin. Here is his final paragraph.

The current holder of the office of the president does not exhibit the character traits that I can personally accept. I find him to be shallow, mean, vindictive, crude, and dishonest. He accuses others of actions he performs. I am most distressed by those choosing to follow this individual.

The last two points are important. Charging persons with spreading fake news is an example of psychological projection as Trump mounts a disinformation campaign that would be cherished in the Kremlin.

“I am most distressed by those choosing to follow this individual.” Indeed - as am I. I’ve been saying in this blog for years that the real story of 2016, and now beyond, is not Trump. He’s a figurehead. The real story is those who follow him. They are willing to accept a leader who is “shallow, mean, vindictive, crude, and dishonest” – and more – and who “accuses others of actions he performs.” Depending on the day and the pundit and the polls, about 40% of American citizenry are guilty of accepting all of Donald Trump’s horrible traits. Looking just at the Republicans in the U. S. Senate, the percentage is even higher. Message to those Always Trumpers: his characteristics are your characteristics. If you don’t like that charge, then get to it and Dump Trump.

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